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            Solid Rods

            SIMONA® HDPE
            High density material offers high heat stability and high impact strength for industrial and use in orthotic and prosthetic applications.
            SIMONA® HDPE Pipe Grade
            High density polyethylene, UV stabilized, for outstanding ductile properties
            SIMONA® PP-H
            Homopolymer material offers permanent-heat stability, long-term rigidity and high chemical resistance. Perfect for use in chemical tank and equipment construction.
            SIMONA® PP-C
            Copolymer material offers high impact resistance even at low temperatures, easy to fabricate, weld or machine. Grades available for industrial and orthotic and prosthetic applications.
            SIMONA® PVC Type I
            Rigid material offers normal impact strength, chemical resistance, high rigidity, in an extensive range of gauges and sizes.
            SIMONA® PVDF 1000
            Polyvinylidene fluoride, high-performance, excellent chemical resistance, exceptionally good aging resistance, high rigidity